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Pipe Viper User: WM - Electrician from Hudson, FL

“The “Pipe Viper” is one of the best tools I have. It paid for itself after two jobs just in glue fittings alone not to mention the time saved in measuring and cutting.”

“The “Pipe Viper” is excellent for slab work and pool light raceways. It’s much easier to pull wire since there are no fittings and the inside is continuously smooth. I don’t use a fish tape for any raceway pulls less than 20 feet.”

“My customers love the continuous pipe with surface mount fixtures. No glue drips and painting is much easier since there are no fittings.”

“Living in Florida, I install raceways for marine applications. Offsets to box connections get great comments from my customers.”

WM has the ½”, ¾”, 1” & 2” Pipe Viper tools.

More testimonials coming soon. If you have a testimonial or special story please send them to testimonials@thepipeviper.com

Click the link to see what Jim Salmon [Radio Personality and Home Repair Resource] is saying about the Pipe Viper!
Authorized Retailer for James Spring & Wire Company

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