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Pool Pet Pal
Pool Pet Pal. It’s stairs are made from sturdy PVC conduit with braces to keep it stable. It is covered with a sleeve of solar screen so pets can easily climb out of the pool. The stairs fit into 2 umbrella stands filled with sand or concrete and sit on the side of your pool. When the Pool Pet Pal is not in use, it can easily be taken apart and stored in the solar screen sleeve and the stands can be used to hold umbrellas for a family get together or a summer time party. et your Pool Pet Pal today for only $175 plus shipping & handling. We only accept order's through Paypal! May take 2 to 6 weeks for delivery. Email us at if you have any questions or concerns.
Do-it-Yourself Home Repair, Home Improvement, and Remodeling Library
Listen to the Jim Salmon Home Repair Clinic LIVE FEED on WHAM 1180! Your source for home repair, improvement, and do-it-yourself resources. A blend of humor, home tips, and great entertainment.
EK's Electrical Forum
A community of electricians helping each other.
A site dedicated to the idea of electricians helping electricians.
Martin Associates, LLC
Our goal is to provide Innovative Products and Services to the Manufacturing, Fire and Emergency Services Sectors. Our Product Line includes, but is not limited to, Castings, Fasteners and Fastener Systems, Fiber Reinforced Poly-E-Gold® Tanks and Turnkey Skid and Slip-In Units for the Fire and Emergency Service Sectors, Metal Fabrications and Weldments, Precision Sheet Metal Products, Spring and Wire Form Products, and Stamping.
James Spring & Wire Company
Established in 1960, James Spring & Wire Company has remained dedicated to delivering on time a high quality product and providing superior customer service.

Our manufacturing facility is equiped with modern high speed machinery and a highly skilled workforce to produce Compression, Extension and Torsion Springs, Retaining Rings, Constant Force Springs, Wire Forms, Strip Forms and small Stampings. Our Secondary department can produce complex Springs and Wire/Strip Forms not suited for machine operations. In addition, we can provide value added assembly services. Our Tool & Die Shop can handcraft prototypes to verify that your product design meets your requirements prior to fabricating the final tooling.
SpringJ Landscape Design Solutions
SpringJ offers Flexible Risers for Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads and Irrigation Risers; Flexible risers for Landscape Lights and Plug Outlets; Flexible Pagoda Light, Flexible Rectangular Floods, and the QuickJ Junction box. All Made in the USA!
Uncle George's Kitchen
Come to Uncle George's Kitchen for the best food at the West Shore Farmer's Market in Lemoyne, PA

Featuring Seafood, Soups, and Biscotti!
Authorized Retailer for James Spring & Wire Company

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